CPRA was born in 2016, because Phil and Andy have always had a passion for local music.  Back in the 90's, local music BOOMED, largely because of Television shows like Teletunes (KBDI 12), and locally-owned radio stations (all of whom have been devoured by Clear Channel and other media monopolies)
We want to bring the ease of access that we had to Denver music BACK!!!  We miss the days when local music was getting the same attention as national bands!  We want DENVER'S art and music scene to be a shining beacon for the rest of the country, as we all do our best to fight fascism and religious oppression! Since we are a completely non profit organization. Please consider a donation, help us keep the lights on and the stream of content flowing!

We fucking LOVE music!!!

So, if you want to know what we think about music, check out our reviews...

... even though we fully realize that you could probably give a fuck less WHAT we think... Enter here!

the Art Scene​​​

Explore Denver's art scene here with artist's bios and pictures of their art work. Please email the artist you are interested in for more information inlcuding commissons. 
Colorado Punk Rock Army Events​​