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Blue Mesa- Origami

... then you don't just persist on ​one​ ​genre of music.  And if that's the case, then maybe, like me, you enjoy European power metal, as I've previously stated!
If the above statements are true of yourself, then you should probably go out and pick yourself up a copy of Origami, by DENVER BAND, Blue Mesa!
We saw them at the Lion's Lair on Colfax, on Jan. 5th. It was a chilly Friday night with SMOKIN' HOT music and good times shared by all in attendance! 
(Was that too cheesy? Did that read like a bad impression of Wolfman Jack? Sometimes, I just like to share my post-completion re-read thoughts, because I think my inner dialogue is funny... I guess, if the readers think it sucks, someone will eventually say something...)

If You're Like Me...​​​​

The first thing that grabbed me about the performance was their diversity in apparent influences, ranging from Led Zeppelin to Queens of the Stone Age, and was anxious to sit and listen in the comfort of my own couch.
What I was treated to, sounded like Leave's Eyes or Evanescence, with maybe a splash of Rise Against.  Well-balanced guitars, solid drum work, and seamlessly complimentary basslines accompany clean, talented, Pop-ish female vocals reminiscent of Adele.
​All in all, Blue Mesa is a band that you'll certainly want to see in person, and while you're there, you definitely won't be disappointed with this album, should you choose to obtain it!
​To find the download link and band info, click the album cover.

Corrosion Of Confomity - No Cross No Crown​​
The fury, destruction, regret, remorse, and redemption culled into one intangible teeth nashing dead eyed stare? That is the sonic journey Corrosion of Conformity's new album No Cross No Crown takes you down. Marking the return of Pepper J. Keenan to the band we stray back into the familiar yet ominous territory of despair and revenge.
Similar to a ten round fight, this album comes out of the corner and demands your full emotional attention with a brutal punishment of stepping on your neck with the same ease as one does a stage monitor before shredding blistering solo. By the middle of this album you're not sure if your mouth guard is still anywhere near the current location of your teeth.
Reef Mullin's drums work you over with punishing body blows while Mike Dean's bass drills into your kidneys without mercy or remorse. Woody's guitar slaps you across the face like a ruthless corner man who has no regard for the consequences because Pepper hovers above it all with a smirking sneer of a stoner metal despot who knows he has rigged the match. Buy this album now!
Admin Falcon 
Have you ever pondered the struggle of a warlord living in a dystopic Mad Max wasteland?

Ferocious Dog- The Red Album

A Place I Want To Be – “Your campaign is in full swing, I know you’re gonna get evil on my ass, Let the mudslinging begin, we’ve all got loyal friends, they follow Facebook trends”. It seems with every election as voters we go in hoping for the best only to be extremely let down. Now we have other countries meddling in our elections? Let’s face it the 2016 US election was nothing, but a shit show. Now the biggest orange turd was elected. Let’s make this world a “Place I want to be”. Sometimes rebellion begins in places like factories, offices, and webzines.​​

Johnny I hardly Knew Ya- My all time favorite cover version!

Class War – I love the mandolin intro, mixed with a Northern Soul/Ska sound. The song speaks volumes about the rising levels of income inequality. This is by far my favorite song on the record. “Class wars are raging on the streets of England”. Although this line could be changed too easily fit anywhere in the world. The oppressed are fighting to survive. We cannot cope with rising costs of living, low wages not keeping up!

Small Town Hero- I love this one as well. Probably my second favorite track! This is about all of us growing up, doing our best, to be the good people we can. We are all just small time heroes. 

In conclusion this album is a MUST download. In fact download all of their music! I’ve been listening to all of their albums on repeat. When it comes to music I generally like to keep politics out of it. I get tired of Anti Flag and Bad Religion type bands fairly quickly.  Not that I don’t love them, sometime they just lack creativity and depth. This is where Ferocious Dogs changes the spectrum. I’m giving this album a solid 10 /10.

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Celtic Punk and folk blend in this amazing album! 

I was recently turned onto Fercious Dog by and . I owe these pages a massive amount of thanks for the introduction. I felt Ferocious Dogs deserve some US love.  As thye hail from the UK it's tough for punk bands to get across the pond. I decided a proper OI of The Red Album is a must! I’ll be reviewing the Google Play version. Sometimes not all online streamers have the same songs.​​

Black Gold - A song about England’s role in the African Slave Trade.  This is an amazing intro for the album. I was honestly a bit afraid the rest of the album may disappoint. However I was blessed as you read upon further. I love the mandolin and the fiddle. They blend in perfect sync. Have you ever thought about the lives lost, families destroyed and sheer terror brought on by slavery?

American Dream – Here’s the song that put Ferocious Dog on my radar. This song is definitely aimed at Donald Trump, his presidency, and the issues he should be held responsible for. The President like many before him prey upon the gullible. He is currently obliterating the American Dream or what’s left over. Our friends across the pond see him as a buffoon, as do we. “I don’t care what you say, I don’t wanna go home”.

Spin – Some great Celtic Folk Meets some awesome dark guitar riffs.  It speaks again of politicians manipulating the masses. As they spin our rebellion grows!

Black Leg Miner – This is an amazing cover of a 19th century English folk song.  I can’t help, but wonder how many lives were lost or unaccounted for in the coal mines of the world. This is great song for having a nice pint and a good think.
Together We Are Strong – A song about unity and fighting oppression. “It’s one rule for them and one rule for us”!

Together  We Are Strong - It's in the title "It's one rule for them and one rule for us"! 

A & B – The sheer talent of this band is strong and obvious on this track. As this tune slows down in comparison to the rest, you realize the sadness. Yet it also made me feel uplifted at the same time. The use of the cello lends serious depth.
The Enemy Within – The backs of the worker have been broken for thousands of years, while the rich retain the fruits of labor. The kettle drum intros in with the fiddle, making for a brilliant marching song. 

The Enemy Within - Again the fiddle shines on this track! 
Admin Ska Bones 2018

 The Shell Corporation - F*cked​​

This is the band's 7th release, now on La Escalera Records (U.S.) and Gunner Records (Europe). You will not be disappointed. The band seems to be heavily influenced by political punk pioneers Anti-Flag! So if you're ready to storm the walls, be sure to download this record first! 

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Release date March 2, 2018! Pre Order Below! 

​​I want to shout it from the rooftops of the world, but I can’t breathe with their hands wrapped around my throat”, a lyric from The Shell Corporation’s ‘Rooftops’ off of their new album “Fucked”. ​​

A lot for a first sentence, I know. This was my first lyric that I heard of The Shell Corporation and is one that resonates with me, as I’m sure it does many others. This is what I believe the goal of the band is: to make the world a little less scary. How can it be their goal if the lyric is about being choked by it?

Music unites people in so many different ways and I’m sure you’re tired reading about that line, so I’ll stop there. However cliche it might sound, The Shell Corporation makes music to connect with people in their darkest times and help lift them up. “F*cked” as a whole album is fiercely diverse in lyrics, but consistent in sound. It addresses breakups, growing up, feeling hopeless and lost, but most of all it screams a call to action.

The interpretation of this call is truly up to the listener. Whether it’s a reason to get up or a reason to give the whole world a middle finger, The Shell Corporation’s new album, “F*cked” is a prime example of excellent punk doing it’s duty: empowering people everywhere.
In collaboration with h ttps:// . Guest review by Lola Hardwick, 2018​​
​​Oh See Demons - Personal Issues
About The Album - Per the band, “ Melodic punk rock from the 90s has been a great inspiration for this album. It has been an important record to make, since this genre is heartfelt by members of the band. With pulsating punk rock rhythms, nostalgic melodies and honest lyrics, the record shows a wide spectrum of musical influences.”

Album title: Personal Issues

-Release date: 02/23/2018

- Format: Vinyl (12”) and digitally

- Produced by Martin Andreas Jakobsen

- Independent/DIY-release.

Music production, artwork, promoting done by the band itself!

Current Line Up :

- Martin Andreas Jakobsen - Vocals
- Vegard Servoss - Guitar/Vocals
- Rune Ellingsen - Bass/Vocals
- Rune Hals - Drums

Sounds Like :

Strung Out
Sick Of It All
Early Green Day (Dookie and Prior)
My Chemical Romance (Early releases)​

New Album Drops 2/23/18!  

Our Review :

We recently snagged an early release copy debut album of “Oh See Demons” - Personal Issues. The full album will hit the digital sales markets on 2/23/2018. The Norwegian Punk Rockers, released their first EP, Bite Off back in September 2016. As I began my morning commute to my rat race job. I tuned into the album. This was before I really started communicating with the band. Norway is putting out some great bands and we are stoked to get early access.

The intro song, “Don’t Forget Me”, made me quickly check my phone to make sure I didn’t accidently skip over to a Strung Out or Sick Of It All album. You could say this album defines the youth of the 1990’s. A time when all the old school punks were grown and their kids were off to start a new genre. An album that  I was quickly swimming in memories of Tony Hawk Pro Skater and high school romances. See my blog post,   "How I found myself through Punk and Ska" , for more of my stupid memories.

The album mixes melodic punk with with harcore riffs. It feels like you’re swimming through a range of emotions. My personal favorite song is “Mouth Breather”. The drums mix perfectly with the bassline into a climatic front. Have you ever had a hard time saying goodbye to someone who is absolutely no good for you? I can see this song making a cross over to #iHeartRadio.

This band reminds me of a version of My Chemical Romance without Gerard Way’s winey, sometimes intolerable voice. Not that I dislike MCR, they just get downright depressing. This album although dark, is not depressing. It’s uplifting, with great back beats and energetic riffs. Martin Andreas Jakobsen’s range on songs like “Glass Houses and “You Fall, I follow” is frankly astonishing. Do you have a younger cousin or sibling? Have you been trying to get them into your stuff? Seriously gift this album. You will have a future punk on your hands.
Alright let’s wrap this up. I personally cannot get enough of Oh So Demons and cannot wait for another record. My recommendation is you pre-order today! Remember CPRA is a non profit promotion company. We don’t take money for reviews and we sure as hell do not believe in, “Pay to play”. So if we like it, you can sure bet you will too!

Be sure to get the album here on 2/23/2018, 

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​​Reuther - Like A Ghost

Their first full length release, ‘​Like a Ghost,​is due out April 27th 2018 on digital and vinyl via Get Party Records and Too Hype Music​​

Ever looked for bands with dragged vocals similar to Neck Deep’s Ben Barlow? Maybe the catchy guitar riffs of Blink - 182. If you want to hear a playful combination of these two legendary and iconic sounds, then you’ve come to the right place. Reuther should be the newest band on your horizon, because they are coming in hot with new music on their album, “Like A Ghost”.

Dealing with topics like heartbreak and the dullness of routine that life can supply us with, this album serves the best details of punk music mixed with pop undertones that makes a listening experience refreshing and exciting. My current favorite on the album, “Highways” is a perfect sample of what the album has to offer.

With upbeat drums and angsty yet well orchestrated and perfectly placed harmonies, “Highways” metaphorically talks about trying to move forward in life but feelings stuck through the idea of a car and a highway.

"Moving forward has got to be easier than being here feels like I’m stuck in the middle slowly sinking down… we’ve got miles to go.”

Reuther has a literary take on life in general and shows this in their thought out lyrics that are simplistic, yet add to a bigger picture and message. Their album tells a whole story, with small lessons you learn along the way in every individual song. Spoiling this story is not my job, as it is yours to discover the story yourself. Reuther will give you what you need, all you have to do is listen.
Be sure to get the album here on 4/27/2018,

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In collaboration with h ttps:// . Guest review by Lola Hardwick, 2018​​