This is what we DO!

Our sole purpose is to promote and assist punk music, with a strong emphasis on Denver's bands!  There are a number of ways that we try to help, most of which we do completely free of charge! These things include, but are not limited to:

-Social media promotion
-Concert announcements
-Live streaming concert footage via our Facebook page
-Shwag promotion
-Booking assistance (may have some charges associated, depending on the complexity of the request)
-COMING SOON: The Shwag Portal!  If people like your band, they can follow the link from our "Shwagzone" page (title subject to change), to help you sell more albums, shirts, pins, and any other wares you may wish to offer!

We also have some offerings that we won't do for free, but we promise you'll get a GREAT freakin' deal...

-Webpage design
-Stage direction

Like I said, we do a bunch more shit, too... basically, if there's something you need help with, just ask us!  We'll work to help you out!  We like helping!

Seriously... just ask.  It's easiest way to reach us through Facebook, but email is good, too.
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